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Here is what my clients have to say about me!

As I have been reviewing the past few weeks in our new home, I can not thank you enough for your help in not only locating our new home, but your constant assistance as we negotiated our deal with the seller was, without a doubt, paramount as we bought the home of our dreams. This home is the third home that you have been involved in our seeking and purchasing. With each venture, the experience has been pleasant and with your guidance and expert representation, we have moved into a location that was just what we desired. Thank you so much for your assistance in each step of our home buying experiences. We are blessed to not only call you our agent, but our friend.
Shelia and Kevin Kurz
As you are quite aware, Karlene and I have dealt with a lot of realtors over the past 26 years. We have sold homes in Texas, Indiana, Georgia, Florida and now once again in Kentucky, I will have to say that none of our other realtors have been as much fun to work with as you have been. You have a great sense of humor and a great personality. Your knowledge of the marketplace was spot on as we were able to get 98% of our asking price. Your advice on how we needed to get our house read to sell was some of the best advice we have ever had. Selling a house in 24 hours is quite an accomplishment. Kudos to you. We would like to wish you much continued success in all of your future endeavors.
Dan & Karlene Jones
13 years ago, I was 6 months pregnant when we were planning our move to Louisville. We found our home with the help of a fantastic realtor, Don Rowe. On many a Saturday night before we decided on "the" house, our realtor would take his time out of his tightly-scheduled-house-hunting-filled day to go throught the Wendy's drive-thru to get me french fries and a Frosty. 

Fast forward to today, Don helped us through the process of selling that beloved home. He worked tirelessly day and night (literally over the last several weeks (months!) to help make things happen with our busy schedules. He was "on call" for us 24/7 with careful attention to every detail. Don Rowe your earnest sincere, diligent work ethic and skill has gotten only better with time! 

Thank you for treating us like family!
Dr. Vip and Nina
I selected you as the realtor for the listing, since your approach was persistent but not pushy. I appreciated your patience when I was slow to decide on choice of realtor. You presented your marketing plan clearly, and you followed through immediately with each step you planned. You were careful to answer any questions I had. Knowing that you understood the ins and outs of living at the Glenview, including all its amenities, was a big plus. I was shocked at how quickly you obtained an offer! Your expertise and years of experience are obviously big assets in making a sale. Probably most important in my positive perception of dealing with you as realtor was the way you kept me informed, and your consistently timely response to communications. Never did you fall to return a call or respond to an email by the next day -  and all your days seemed to be work days! I was never left hanging with no answer. I definitely enjoyed working with someone who remained cool and steady in dealing with the ups and downs of complicated interactions with people and paperwork – seems obvious that you like your job and put yourself into it completely. I will not hesitate to recommend your services to others and will definitely call on you again if the need for a realtor arises. If you should have a potential client that would like to talk with me, I would be glad to take the phone number and give that person a call.
Jennie Bartelt
You have my sincere thanks and appreciation for handling the sale of my parents’ home. Your professionalism, responsiveness and determination put my mind at ease in what I feared would be a challenging task as the long distance executor. I have already shared my appreciation with our estate attorney for his recommendation. I left Kentucky in 1975 so my local resources were mostly limited to my brother, who also is very grateful for all you did. As a small business owner and a woman with my own family responsibilities, I couldn’t be in Louisville t ogive this process the attention it required. You made it possible for me to rest easy about my situation. I’m aware I can bring a Washington, DC intensity into much of what I do. It’s a learned behavior to keep pace with this business environment. I quickly eliminated realtors who didn’t measure up to my expectations for professionalism and integrity. Plus my husband and I have bought 7 homes and sold 5 in our lives together. We can tell the difference between someone who treats this client relationship seriously. Thank you for never finding my requests annoying. We got off to a great start from our first meeting when you didn’t let the snow storm that had disabled the city stop you from meeting us and doing what you could do to help us that one week we could be in Louisville. You gave excellent guidance into a real estate market I don’t know. You helped us make wise investments on what to update in this long neglected house. You did your homework on pricing the house and followed through on the marketing. That the first person to see this house offered to buy it tells me you gave us sound advice. You forget all the ways a real estate transaction can get snagged along the way. You made every call and some you might easily have avoided to get us from offer to contract. I only regret I do not live in Louisville and have limited capacity to refer other people to you. Perhaps this letter will serve the same purpose. Never hesitate to have any of your prospective clients talk with me. I will put their mind at ease the same way you did mine. Warm regards
Marsha Rhea
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help in selling our house. We were very fortunate that we found you at the right time. Throughout the entire process of marketing to showings to closing, you were very sincere and available to use anytime of the day. I would not forget you coming to rescue us when we got locked out of our house one late evening. Your politeness, willingness to negotiations and coordinating the entire process, made the house sell so quickly that we almost did not believe it until we had to pack. Our move to Texas from Kentucky was lot less stressful knowing that we sold our house before leaving Louisville. We would be more than happy to recommend you to anyone for selling or buying a house. Thank you again for all your help! 
Drs. S. Sahoo and Das
We want to take the opportunity to thank you for all of your hard work in selling our home, especially after working with another realtor that was not able to sell our home. You were extremely professional and we would be happy to recommend you to others that need a realtor. 
Barry & Carla Motes
Buying and selling homes as often as we have gives us some expertise in evaluating realtors. It is much more than making offers and counter offers. Thank you for making our move from California to Kentucky go smoothly. Your great ability to follow through made this transition much easier. 
John Long, Churchill Downs Executive V.P. & COO
We are writing this letter to highly recommend without reservation Don Rowe one of the most outstanding real estate agents in Louisville. My wife and I are very conservative and it took us almost two years to buy a home. You were highly respectful of our time frame and kind as can be. The most impressive feature was that you never once tried to push us into something we weren’t ready for. We feel very fortunate that you were our real estate agent even more fortunate we consider you as a friend. It is with complete confidence that we will highly recommend you.
Dr. Ravi & Andrea Srivastava
With the events of the past few weeks still fresh in my mind I want to write and let you know how grateful the children and I are for the tremendous work that you did for us. My wife and I essentially left you in charge of marketing and selling our 22 acre horse farm and 5,000 sq ft home while we moved to Wisconsin during the most difficult time of the year. Because of your diligent efforts a potential buyer was soon located and we began an extended period of complex, long distance negotiations. You never let us down. Communications were frequent but not intrusive. You were patient, unfailingly professional, consistently supportive and encouraging. Your labors went far beyond anything I could have imagined. I would be glad to speak or write to any potential client you might wish to refer for a recommendation regarding your skills, ethics and work habits. I will forever be in your debt. 
Dr. Terry Henkel
Don, you have been my realtor over a 15 year period and the sale of 6 houses during that time. I have found you to be one of the most ethical and professional individuals I have encountered and have always displayed the highest integrity in all of our dealings. I have and will continue to recommend you. 
Darcie Allman
Don, I am writing to express my pleasure with you in our dealings. Throughout the whole procedure we were kept informed, plans for marketing our home, showings, open houses etc. We felt you went beyond the call of duty in helping sell our home. Don you shoveled snow from our driveway at 7:00am so the house could be shown by the potential new buyer. We would happily recommend you to anyone in the future.
Dr. Tony & Esther Moser
Kenny and I would like to thank you for helping us make our dream come true. Without your help in selling our house we could not have bought our new home. I knew if we ever needed a realtor it would most definitely be you. You are the most energetic, dedicated and motivated realtor I have ever known. You put your clients first and listen to them. We felt confident in your suggestions and greatly appreciated your professionalism.
Kenny & Mary Jo Blasi
On June 1st my husband accepted a job offer in Louisville with a mid July start date, giving us approximately 6 weeks to uproot our entire lives. On July 17th we closed on our home here and this incredibly quick feat could not have happened without Don Rowe.    2 weeks after the job offer was accepted we spent Father's Day weekend in Don's vehicle, looking at house after house in Louisville. Knowing virtually nothing of the city, Don gave us a crash course of Louisville that remains with us. What should have been an absolutely stressful situation became a pleasurable, albeit fast paced weekend. Don embodies the kind of knowledge of Louisville that only comes from a lifetime of experience coupled with a sincere love of the city.    That weekend we found a house we loved, but it sadly fell through under inspection. Under the gun 2 weeks later I impromptuly hopped on a plane, driven to find a home. Don was unphased and met me immediately after departing the airport and I fortunately found our first home in Louisville. Don's ability to multi-task and remain calm under pressure are traits that cannot be learned, he is a forthright and honest human who is a true professional. I cannot recommend him highly enough, beyond his incredible service as our realtor we enjoyed his company to no end. 
Zack & Amy Hoyt