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Realtors and the Final Walk Through

When the home buying process has been painstakinly completed, including the brutal mortgage process, the appraisal process and the inspection process, most buyers relax, but most realtors don't!

Why? Because the buyers agent and the realtor who helped sell the house know there is still a big hurdle: the final walk through.

This is the last chance buyers have to make sure everything is as promised. After this walk through, unless an addendum to the contract is written, the deal is sealed. Once the closing occurs on the home, the previous owners are not obligated to fix new damages that may have occurred.

A final walkthrough is extremely important to the buyer. It can help them feel more confident about their purchase,avoid buyer’s remorse but more importantly make sure the sellers have repaired everything that was agreed to in the inspection report as well as make sure the sellers took care of their home during the contract period.

When to Take the Final Walk Through

A house walkthrough should be done with the buyers agent and take enough time for the buyers to be extremely thorough. This is especially important if a severe Kentucky storm, occurred after the inspection. Realtors in Louisville all suggest taking the walk through about 24 hours before closing on a home.

At this time, you should check all major appliances to ensure they are in working condition. For example, consider turning on the dishwasher and washing machine, checking outlets and light switches and testing other basic operations. You might also request warranties and owners’ manuals for appliances.

What to Look For

Look to see whether any window coverings and appliances the seller agreed to leave behind are missing. Check to make sure all the agreed-upon repairs have been made. Then, look over the general condition of the property, both inside and out: Are there damages from moving? Is there junk left behind? Is the yard in the same shape it was it when it was inspected. 

Many realtors in Louisville recommend that buyers bring the original home inspector with them to look for any new problems, and to confirm that repairs were made correctly. For this kind of service, home inspectors will typically charge much less than their original inspection cost.

Take Action Quickly

If a buyer does find problems, realtors say to take action quickly. First, buyers may choose to walk away from the deal altogether. However, realtors encourage buyers to truly consider how big the problem is before walking away. A $500 or $1,000 fix is less than the cost of a new mortgage application, appraisal and inspection.

In most cases the buyer may choose to postpone the closing until the sellers fix the problem. If sellers don't want to fix the problem, and the repair was agreed upon during negotiations, buyers can force the contract to be completed with legal action. Again, the fix will probably be less than the legal fees necessary to have it completed so it makes sense to sit down and work out a solution.