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Finding a Realtor in KY - The Top Mistakes

Selling or buying a home should resemble any business transaction, but frequently sellers make emotional or impulsive choices that cost them money headaches and time. Selecting the right Realtor in Kentucky or any market, will be the most important step in the procedure. Finding the right realtor in any transaction is as important as the property search itself. Here are the most common mistakes, especially for first time home buyers:

Choosing a friend or a friend of a friend.

Friendship alone is not enough to establish a professional’s credentials. Use challenging requirements when choosing an agent, just as you would when hiring an attorney, mechanic or doctor. A true friend will understand the situation and appreciate that this is a business decision.  Don't NOT use a friend just because they are a friend but Finding a Realtor in KYevaluate their credentials objectively.

The  presentation sounds great and you jump into an agreement to save time.

Take a look at more than one presentation and think about the benefits and drawbacks of every one. Making a spontaneous choice when feeling pressure from the Realtor in your home might be hard to fix later.

You should interview agents just as though you are hiring them for a job, because you are.  And remember that you are entering a business relationship and partnership like a short term marraige. If you're selling, ask prospective agents about their marketing plan for your specific home, not just a generic plan. If you interview an agent, ask him or her them how they plan to earn their fee. If they offer an undefined or vague marketing plan or just and an MLS listing he's not worth the commission."

Choosing a Realtor who agrees with your selling price.

Some Realtors in Kentucky tell you what you want to hear. Within the real estate profession, this is referred to as buying a listing which is used by shortsighted agents who are thinking about themselves rather than you.  Nevertheless it functions as a short-term “sales tactic” in getting your listing, but it's selling a home at the highest possible price is a very poor technique and strategy when selling a home. The fact is your home gets the most interest from other agents when it's a new listing. If priced correctly, plenty of agents will show it to their buyers. In the event you price it too high, nobody will show the home and it'll sit on the marketplace until the price is lowered.  When you finally drop your price  the home has lost it's fresh appeal and you will just look desperate

Going with the agent who has the lowest commission.

You get what you pay for. Paying a cut-rate commission will get you a sign in the front yard and placement in the Multiple Listing Service, but no extra effort out of your agent. Understand that agents and real estate businesses put up their own funds and time up front, before they are paid a dime ,to market and promote your house. Advertising and marketing costs money and the lower the commission, the less incentive there is for an agent to put time, effort and money into marketing your house. Incentive plays a really essential function in sales. Incentive plays a really essential function in sales. A full service agent earning a full commission will frequently drop everything to deal with any complications that will arise at some point. An agent earning a lesser commission doesn't have that exact same motivation.

Going with an agent who is NOT a Realtor

In addition to being licensed  by the state of Kentucky to sell real estate, a "real Realtor"  belongs to the National Association of Realtors and must abide by a strict Code of Ethics.The National Association of Realtors has a code of ethics that is as strict as the American Medical Association. and they are very harsh in dealing with agents who don't abide by the and try to take shortcuts. Also Realtors have access to Multiple Listing Services (MLS) through               which members share listings and have access to many more properties  than non-members. Finding a Realtor in your area is easy, just call ME!

Not choosing a Realtor who works on your time schedule

If, because of your work schedule, you can only look at homes on Sundays and your agent or Realtor doesn't work that day, find someone else!  If you are selling your home and your listing agent does not work on weekends, who will sit at your home during an open house?  If you are trying to buy a house, your agent or Realtor will set up appointments for a day and look at different areas. If your scedules do not align, the process will elongate to the point of frustration.