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By Owner

Selling your house by owner can actually be a really tough process.

Particularly when real estate agents are continuously contacting you to persuade you that you simply ought to sell your house with them instead. The important thing about a by owner process would be to keep in mind that there are hints and suggestions that others have used that can help.  I have sold many homes on my own and helped many friends do a by owner sale, but, there are about five major suggestions that everybody selling their home by owner must keep in mind.  They are outlined below.  Ignore them at your peril:

  1. Initial Impressions Count - If you're selling your home by owner then you definitely need to make sure that it's 100% prepared, including all repairs necessary and cosmetic. Remember, your home will not show up in a property search so you get one shot at making a great impression. If you home is in perfect shape, This will set a great first impression and can draw in much more offers quickly.
  2. Get the Pricing Correct - By no means ever go any higher than marketplace value if you're selling your home yourself. This is simply because purchasers will not get in get in touch with you at all if they believe that you're attempting to get more than your house is worth. You have to do a bit of market evaluation to see what comparable houses are going for to be able to set a realistic cost.  
  3. Know Your Buyer - You need to stay in control of the sale process all of the way through and that means understanding all about your buyer. You need to know their financials and their motivations.  Also ask in depth questions that will reveal what the issues are with their current situation. 
  4. Don't be greedy.  Save 3% on the front end but be willing to pay an agent to show your home.  If your house is listed for $400,000 you will save $12,000 in fees by listing it yourself.  If you try to capture the other $12,000 by not paying a realtor, you may be sitting on your house a while.
  5. Advertising is Important - Advertising is among the most significant components of promoting your house. You need to take complete advantage of all resources, digital as well as analog.  Facebook, Twitter, even a temporary web page can do wonders.  Also, newspapers and bulletin boards. The web can also be important simply because you are able to reach more purchasers there and make sure that your house is listed in basic realty and home hunting search sites that agents and brokers perform regularly.  Many agents list for sale by owner homes on their property search, but they will not be in the MLS. 

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