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How's the Market in Prospect?

If you are doing a property search in Prospect, bookmark this page.

Why? Because it updates every day.

If you are doing a property search in Prospect, you may be surprised at what you find. Trust me, there is no recession in this booming community. Prospect is right on the border of Jefferson and Oldham County and has some of the most consistent and stable real estate prices in the state.

A search for real estate in Prospect will reveal a price per square foot that is booming.Realtors in this area are saying the market is actually as good as ever.

 Real Estate Market Chart by Altos Research

But, why do realtors in Prospect report a higher price per square foot but the new listings coming on the market are not going up?

Two reasons:

  1. New construction prices are so much more expensive than existing homes and
  2. The houses coming on the market are being priced are smaller but being priced the same as larger houses. 

The People and Families of Prospect

In Prospect, about 78% of adults are married.  Families have pride of place in the city, and much of the housing seems designed with families in mind.

Wealth and Education

In 2000, Prospect had a median family income of $124,131. Prospect has more than its share of wealthy families and people. The city has a very large middle and upper middle class. You will not find people in Prospect living below the poverty line. It's worth mentioning that smart, educated people feel at home in the city. There is a strong tendency for its residents to work at home is one of the things that define the lifestyle in Prospect and keep it original.

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