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How's the Market in Louisville

If you are doing a property search in Louisville, bookmark this page. 

Why? Because it updates every day. 

Buying and selling Real Estate in Louisville is all timing.  Just doing a property search or a real estate search will not tell you much at all. You may find that the same houses are being listed by different realtors or that prices are dropping or that prices seem to be rising.  By actually looking backwards, we can get a glimpse of what Real Estate in Louisville will be like moving forward.  

Real Estate Market Chart by Altos Research

So, how's the market in Louisville looking?  Based on the chart it is looking like prices are about to bouce up.  I say that because in early 2012 the average price for a home for sale in Louisville was $125,000.  At that price buyers stepped and scooped up houses as fast as they were put on the market.  If you did a real estate search one day, the next day half the houses were under contract.  I believe the same thing is about to happen.
This is basic economics.  When prices of anything, including Real Esate in Louisville, get low enough buyers step in. 

Keep an eye on this page, do your property searches and call me when you are ready to make a move.